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Test Case 3: NEWBORN — Undeliverable at Helvetiaplatz, Löwenplatz, Fanzone

June 7 brought the «NEWBORN — Undeliverable» vehicle on three different places: Helvetiaplatz next to the flea market, Löwenplatz in the heart of Zurich’s shopping and financial district and last but not least, the Euro 2008 fanzone at Bellevue.
Will «NEWBORN» remain undeliverable?

Test Case 2: NEWBORN — Undeliverable in Zurich-West party area

During the 2nd «NEWBORN — Undeliverable?» test case, the NEWBORN truck was circulating through the party evening in Zurich West; an area visited by youngsters with various backgrounds. Twice the truck stopped for a rap perfromance — next to the Opera’s rehearsal stage and in front of the Hardbrücke train station.
Will «NEWBORN» remain undeliverable?

Test Case 1: NEWBORN at Shifting Identities

Yesterday evening (June 5 2008) the «NEWBORN — Undeliverable?» truck parked in front of the Kunsthaus where the “Shifting Identities” exhibition opened. The rapper EKI NOX performed and after some minutes the truck had to leave again. Will «NEWBORN» remain undeliverable?

Article in Tages Anzeiger, June 6 2008:

Moblog on rebell.tv:

Moblog on rebell.tv

Test cases: NEWBORN - undeliverable?

A truck is circling through Zurich. On its loading space are seven large letters forming the word NEWBORN.

Several test cases are planned to deliver and decode the NEWBORN symbol in Zurich between June 5th and 7th.

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